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All About short sales

Thursday June 2013 | Leave a Comment

There are many ways to lose a home but signing away ownership in a manner that destroys credit, embarrasses the family and strips an owner of dignity is one of the hardest. For home owners who can no longer afford to keep mortgage payments current, there are alternatives to bankruptcy or foreclosur

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$1,480 Foreclosure Relief Checks – Florida

Wednesday June 2013 | Leave a Comment

More than 72,000 eligible Floridians who lost their homes to  foreclosure from 2008 – 2011 will receive $1,480…read more on Sun

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Foreclosure Education

Tuesday June 2013 | Leave a Comment

Home buyers who want a good deal in real estate invariably think first about pursuing foreclosures. Buyers have this picture in their mind of a cute little house, surrounded by a white picket fence that is owned by a widowed mom who fell on hard times, but that scenario is generally far from reality

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Raitt’s redesigned website

Wednesday May 2013 | Leave a Comment

In this day and age, your digital real estate is just as important as your physical. In the past year, Raitt completed a relocation, rebranding and most recently a new website. “While our roots extend back to the early nineteen hundreds, Raitt is moving in new and exciting directions and we felt i

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Raitt Corporation

Wednesday February 2013 | Leave a Comment

Raitt was founded in 1956 as a small real estate corporation in South Bend, Indiana, Today, we own and manage commercial, industrial and residential properties in seven states. For over 56 years, Raitt Corporation has provided property solutions to industry leaders, small business owners, families

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Why Raitt Corporation

Tuesday February 2013 | Leave a Comment

Raitt Corporation is a privately held investment company centrically focused on the acquisition, management, and leasing of industrial, commercial and residential real estate. With a solid foundation, Raitt Corporation remains well capitalized and actively seeks exciting real estate investment/ventu

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Building Your Competitive Advantage

Tuesday February 2013 | Leave a Comment

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Raitt celebrates 56 years of business

Tuesday November 2012 | Leave a Comment

In November of 1956 Samuel Raitzin, the founder of Raitt Corporation, started a small real estate company in the heart of South Bend, Indiana. Focused on the acquisition of tucking terminals, it was sister to Tucker Freight Lines, a trucking company founded in 1929 by Samuel’s father in law Mauric

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Raitt paves the Road Back Home

Thursday June 2012 | Leave a Comment

The recent financial crisis has made it increasingly difficult to achieve the dream of homeownership. With record foreclosures, home values dropping and tightening lending requirements many families and individuals have had to walk away from home ownership and into the rental market. Raitt Corporati

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Raitt is on the move

Tuesday July 2011 | Leave a Comment

After 55 years in South Bend, Indiana, Raitt is relocating to Boca Raton, Florida in the summer of 2011. Raitt Corporation, whose roots in Michiana began in 1929 with the founding of Tucker Freight Lines, is moving to expand their business and overall real estate portfolio. “Although we are moving

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