Raitt celebrates 56 years of business

In November of 1956 Samuel Raitzin, the founder of Raitt Corporation, started a small real estate company in the heart of South Bend, Indiana. Focused on the acquisition of tucking terminals, it was sister to Tucker Freight Lines, a trucking company founded in 1929 by Samuel’s father in law Maurice Tucker. Today Raitt remains closely held by the family and has expanded into the commercial and residential sectors as well. Erick Guerra, president, CEO and Mr. Raitzin’s grandson in law, runs the corporation. “Unfortunately Mr. Raitzin is no longer with us, but he lives on in the traditions, morals, and beliefs that guide our company everyday. It is a privilege to continue our business and the traditions of our family”, says Erick. Raitt proudly celebrated 56 years in business this past November.

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