Raitt is on the move

After 55 years in South Bend, Indiana, Raitt is relocating to Boca Raton, Florida in the summer of 2011. Raitt Corporation, whose roots in Michiana began in 1929 with the founding of Tucker Freight Lines, is moving to expand their business and overall real estate portfolio. “Although we are moving to South Florida, we will maintain our holdings in South Bend, Indiana”, says Erick Guerra, the corporation’s president. “Our family has very deep roots in this community and we will never forget where it all began.” Raitt currently owns and operates commercial, industrial and residential real estate in eight states and after extensive research it was determined that the relocation to South Florida broadens the corporation’s opportunities to expand into new markets. “We have a solid foundation and are well capitalized. Raitt is in an excellent position to grow and South Florida is a prime market for our industry. ”, says Erick.



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