Raitt paves the Road Back Home

The recent financial crisis has made it increasingly difficult to achieve the dream of homeownership. With record foreclosures, home values dropping and tightening lending requirements many families and individuals have had to walk away from home ownership and into the rental market. Raitt Corporation, a Florida based corporation, is paving the Road Back Home under a new program they have recently launched in the South Florida market. “We are truly excited about the program and helping people get back into a home of their own”, says Erick Guerra, Raitt’s president and CEO. The program allows you to lease a home for 36 months with an option to purchase prior to the end of the lease term. “It also allows you the opportunity to earn credit towards the purchase price of the home while building a positive payment history and credit rating”, says Erick when describing the benefits of the program. Additionally, Raitt offers qualified buyers short term financing when purchasing the home. “Why lease any home when you can lease the home you want to own”, says Erick.

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