Road Back Home

 Young couple walking to their new suburban house.

Road Back Home

Home ownership has been challenging for many families and individuals over the last few years.  The decrease in property values, uncertain job market, and increase in short sales and foreclosures has forced many families to give up their dreams of owning a home.  The Road Back Home Program was created to assist families and individuals who have faced these challenges get back on the road to home ownership.

The Road Back Home paves the way to owning your own home once again. It allows you to lease a single family home for up to 36 months with an option to buy prior to the end of the term. Raitt Corporation helps you rebuild the positive credit and payment history essential in securing a home loan. We also offer strategic short term financing for qualified individuals with good standing and excellent payment history throughout the program.

Benefits of the Road Back Home Program:

  • Lease Terms up to 36 months
  • Option to buy
  • Establish a positive payment history
  • Assistance in obtaining traditional financing
  • In-house short term financing options for those who qualify

Contact Raitt Corporation for more information and get yourself on the Road Back Home.

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